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Fashion and Design Made in Berlin

In the Long Night, the Kulturforum is the venue for classic creations and innovations from the world of fashion and product design. The Kunstgewerbemuseum is showing highlights from past centuries – from mediaeval goldsmithing to convertible bureaus to evening dresses by Coco Chanel. And we are daring to take a look into the future – what visions do Berlin’s creatives of today have? What inventions are young enterprises in Neukölln and Weissensee tinkering with right now? Designers will be talking about designs Made in Berlin, students at the Lette Verein will be showing their designs and start-ups will be unveiling their latest inventions.


© Design: Layla Mueller. Fotografie: Ana Catala. Model: Sean Loftus. Makeup: Valeria Rubio. Support: ElektroCouture.

Interactive Outfit 

What a fascinating idea! Partygoers wear clothes that glow more and more the louder the music gets or let southing tones echo through the room if you touch it gently. Fashion Label Layla De Mue has put this idea into practice. 

Lower foyer of the Kunstgewerbemuseum




© Tilen Sepic

Music from a Box of Bits

Wooden mallets drumming on xylophone keys as if by magic and producing a rhythmic clattering – Johannes Lohbihler’s dadamachine is electronically controlled, with electrical impulses activating the instruments. Try it out!

Lower floor of the Kunstgewerbemuseum, entrance to Design Collection




© Do.Se Instruments

Sounds from Tin Cans

Do.Se Instruments make all kinds of instruments – guitars, banjos, mandolines and ukeleles – out of oil cans, biscuit tins, forks and sieves. So what do they look and sound like? Come along and have a strum.

Kulturforum entrance hall




© Philipp Artus


Make flower patterns grow up the facade of the Kunstgewerbemuseum from a touchpad with Philipp Artus’s light installation!





© Ina Budde

All about your clothes

Fashion designer Ina Budde has developed recyclable clothes. By scanning the integrated QR code you can gather information about where the clothes come from and about its materials.

Lower foyer of the Kunstgewerbemuseum




© Beatdice - an artwork by Toby K. Originally commissioned by Vivid Light Sydney 2015.

Dice the Sound!

Toby K’s glowing dice can be rotated and stacked, each combination creating a new sound.





© Andre Hrustalev

Robust and sustainable

The bike accessories by FAHRER Berlin are functional and save resources – tarps from lorries and advertising banners have been reused to make framebags, mobile phone mounts and reflector tapes.

Kulturforum entrance hall, lower floor




© Nagual Dance_GSC GameScienceCenter GmbH

Move and make Music!

Make music while you dance! That’s the idea behind Nagual Dance. Using a 3D camera, your movements are converted into harmonies, melodies and rhythms – and Nagual Dance is even more fun in pairs. So why not give it a go?

Entrance hall of the Kulturforum, in front of the entrance to the Gemäldegalerie




© Pong Invaders Reality_GSC GameScienceCenter GmbH

Ping Pong against Aliens

The game Pong Invaders combines real and virtual worlds and the aim is to shoot down as many Space Invaders as you can with a table tennis ball.

Kulturforum entrance hall, lower floor





© Matthias Krebs

Smartphone Orchestra

Members of the app2music association will be getting visitors to make spontaneous music together – all you need is a pre-programmed iPad.

Lower floor of the Kunstgewerbemuseum, entrance to Design Collection




© UX.FTT fashion textile technology, Esther Zahn

Intelligent Fabrics

Esther Zahn and Julia Danckwerth are experimenting with clothes that make sound through sensors or that support disabled people. Veronika Aumann has developed the ‘screen fabric’ that displays ever-changing patterns, just like a monitor screen. 

Lower foyer of the Kunstgewerbemuseum




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