Lange Nacht der Museen Berlin 31.8.2019

10 Years of Bauhaus

This year, the whole world is celebrating the centenary of the Bauhaus, including of course Berlin, which was for a short time the home of the legendary school of art and design. The Long Night of Museums sees the launch of ‘bauhaus week berlin 2019’, with exhibitions, talks, films and workshops at Ernst Reuter Platz and all over the city. And you can get off to a good start in the Kulturforum!

Submerge yourself in the enthusiasm for reform of the 1920s in the exhibitions Weimar: The Essence and Value of Democracy in the Deutsches Historisches Museum and Modern Cinema in the Museum of Film and Television. See famous designs from the Bauhaus and its forerunners in the Bröhan Museum and the Royal Porcelain Factory Berlin. In the Werkbundarchiv the famous art expert Heide Rezepa-Zabel will be explaining how you can tell genuine Bauhaus design from cheap knock-offs. You can see what the new typography looked like in an exhibition in the Kunstbibliothek art library, and puppet theatre will be playing at the temporary location of the Bauhaus Archive. You can find all the Bauhaus programme items here.

Programme at the Kulturforum

Periscope Walk to the Kulturforum

Sound artist Rochus Aust will be going from Ernst Reuter Platz to the Kulturforum with his Electricphonic Orchestra, taking with them periscopes through which you can look into the Gropius House in the Hansa Quarter and over the building site fences around the Bauhaus Archive and the New National Gallery.

// Starting at The Temporary Bauhaus Archive (Knesebeckstr. 1–2) at 6 pm, arriving at the Kulturforum at around 7.30 pm

Dessau in Berlin

The miniature version of the Dessau Bauhaus, the ‘Living Machine’ by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, will be stopping off at the Kulturforum’s Piazetta. Make a lamp in 100 seconds? Le-Mentzel, inventor of Hartz IV (low budget) Furniture, shows you how.

// Material cost including energy-saving lamp 3 euros. Piazzetta: 6.30–9.30 pm

The 'Wohnmaschine' in front auf the Bauhaus building Dessau © Mirko Mielke

Bauhaus Dessau Virtual

Go on a tour of the Dessau Bauhaus with a VR headset! Robert Huber explains how the app was made.

// Ground floor entrance hall: 7.45 pm | 8.45 pm | 9.45 pm

Virtual Bauhaus © Goethe Institut Boston

Bauhaus Hands-On

Are those famous Bauhaus classics like the Wassily tubular steel chair by Marcel Breuer just good-looking, or are they practical as well? Take a seat and try them out for yourself!

// Basement floor entrance hall

Freischwinger, © DHM, Foto: Jenny Jakubik

Bauhaus Colour Studies after Old Masters

Which colour sample matches which painting? Old Masters are turned into colour collages.

// Gemäldegalerie: 6.30 pm | 8 pm | 9.30 pm | 11 pm

© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Foto: Valerie Schmidt

Bauhaus Photo Studio

Triangular or round, made of glass or fabric? Choose one of the imaginative costumes and have your photo taken as a Bauhaus dancer!

// Basement floor entrance hall: 6–9 pm and 10 pm–midnight

Bauhaus Fotostudio, © Bauhausformgymnastik 2019

László Moholy-Nagy and the New Typography

Curator Michael Lailach guides you through the exhibition in the Kunstbibliothek art library.

// Special exhibition room on the 1st floor: 7 pm | 8 pm | 9 pm | 10 pm

László Moholy-Nagy, Wohin geht die typographische Entwicklung, Tafel 12 Fotografie, 1929
© Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Max Burchartz


Erik Spiekermann’s experimental letterpress workshop p98a puts its letterpress printing machine in the museum, where you’ll be able to print with it and have a chat with Erik Spiekermann.

// Material cost 3 euros. Outside the special exhibition room on the 1st floor: 7 pm-midnight

© Norman Posselt

Taking Liberties with Oskar Schlemmer

Two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional as a paper design becomes a costume. Transform yourself into a Schlemmer figurine!

// Basement floor entrance hall: 6 pm–midnight


Fashion designers from the Lette Verein draw you as a fashion model in the style of the Golden Twenties.

// Ground floor entrance hall: 7.30 pm | 8.30 pm | 9.30 pm

© Lette Verein

Fashion Flash Mob

Fashion designers from the Lette Verein present their designs inspired by the Golden Twenties.

© Michael Wittig

Dance Through the Night

Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, dancers move across the floors and stairways of the foyer.

Charleston Dance Course

It held the Twenties spellbound – the Charleston. Dancers from Les Belles Magnifiques demonstrate it and then invite you to join in with a 15-minute dance workshop.

// Basement floor entrance hall: 9.00 pm–midnight | hourly

© Claire Chen

Marching Band

The Swingbopers create a great mood with their New Orleans jazz.

// 6.30–11.30 pm | hourly

© Swingbopers


All sorts of delicious goodies await you inside and out, including catfish from the Lichtenberg city farm, Swabian Käsespätzle, vegan snacks and organic wines from Franconia and Austria. Finish the Long Night on a relaxed note with cocktails specially created by Berliner Brandstifter – Gin van der Rohe and Walter’s Mule – right through
to 3 am!